Helen Fisher, BSN-RN – Senior Executive Director

Helen has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and has been a Registered Nurse for over 32 years. During her expansive career in the health care industry, Helen has worked in various nursing settings including, Nephrology, Intensive and Critical Care, Surgery and Recovery, Gerontology, Public Health and Family Medicine.

Helen has worked hard to create a highly skilled and self- reliant staff whose actions reverberate throughout in any community she worked for and influence others they come in contact with. Helen prides herself in her great ability to train and teach her staff members to provide the highest level of care and to treat their residents with the utmost dignity and respect. Helen’s dedication to providing the quality care for Seniors is evident the minute you walked in any community she is involved.

“There are so many wonderful things of what I do. I just absolutely love being involved with individuals with memory or any impairment and truly being able to make a difference in their daily lives.”

Helen currently lives in Ferndale with her husband, Geoff and daughter, Gabrielle. Helen also has two older children- a daughter Virgie and son, Mark. Helen and Geoff are avid alpine hiker. She enjoys the scenery of the alpine meadows, glacier and wild life.